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This article is about the West Bengal Static GK Questions and Answers. Static GK Questions are a type of question that deals with the knowledge of current affairs and general information. Static GK questions are not about the latest happenings, but rather about what has happened in the past. Static GK questions are usually asked in competitive exams like SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CGL, etc.

West Bengal is one of the 29 states and 7 union territories of India. It is located in the eastern part of India with a population of 91,541,932. West Bengal has an area of 88,752 sq km (34,267 sq mi) and shares its borders with Bangladesh in the east, Nepal in the northeast, Bhutan in the northwest, and Assam in the south.

The capital of West Bengal is Kolkata but only a small portion of the state’s population lives there. West Bengal’s coastline along the Bay of Bengal is 1492 kilometres long, which makes it one of India’s longest coastline territories.

List of West Bengal Static GK Questions and Answers

There are many different GK questions in this set. The topics range from geography to history. Questions may be easy, medium, or hard depending on your level of knowledge about the topic.

This set of GK questions will test your knowledge and will require a lot of focus. All you need to do is answer the questions that are relevant to you.

West Bengal Static GK:: Miscellaneous

SL NoQuestionAnswer
1Longest River in West BengalGanga
2Second Longest River in West BengalDamodar
3The third longest river in West BengalTeesta
4Easternmost river of West BengalSankosh and Raidak
5Western most river of West BengalDamodar
6Sorrow of North BengalTeesta
7River of Horror /Fear in West BengalTeesta
8Sorrow of West Bengal riverDamodar
9Sorrow of Sundarban in West BengalMatla
10Hooghly river in between West BengalNabadwip to Bay of Bengal
11Largest Delta in West BengalGanga Delta
12Highest Waterfall in West BengalPaglajhora in Mahananda River, Derjeeling
13Largest River Project in West BengalD.V.C
14Pumped Hydro-Electric Power Station in West BengalAyodhya Hill, Purulia
15Name of Torsha in BhutanMachu

West Bengal Static GK:: Minerals

SL NoInformationDetails
1Prime Mineral in West BengalCoal, Bituminous Type
2System of Bengal Coal FieldOpen Type
3Largest Coal MineRanigaunj, Bardhaman
4Deepest Coal Mine in West BengalChinakudi Coal Mine, Bardhaman
5Maximum Iron ore Producing District in West BengalPurulia
6Maximum Monazite Sand Stone Producing District in West BengalPurulia
7Maximum Manganese Producing District in West BengalWest Midnapore
8Maximum Coal Producing District in West BengalBurdhaman

More GK About West Bengal Static GK

River Side Cities in West BengalDams and Barrages in West Bengal
National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary in West BengalList of Rivers in West Bengal

West Bengal Static GK PDF

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FAQ About West Bengal Static GK

1. Present CM of West Bengal ?

2. Capital of West Bengal ?


3. Formation of West Bengal


4. Total Area of West Bengal ?

88,752 km2 (34,267 sq mi)

5. Population of West Bengal ?


6. Literacy Rate of West Bengal ?


7. Sex Ratio of West Bengal ?


8. Total Legislative Assembly of West Bengal ?

295 Seats

9. Total Lower House of West Bengal ?

42 Seats

10. Total Upper House of West Bengal ?


11. Total Number of Districts in West Bengal ?


12. High Court of West Bengal ?

Calcutta High Court

13. Lake of West Bengal ?

Debar Lake, East Calcutta Wetlands, JorePokhri, Mirik Lake, RabindraSarobar, Rasikbil, Santragachhi Lake, Senchal Lake

14. Thermal Power Plant of West Bengal ?

Farakka Super Thermal Power Plant, Durgapur Steel Thermal Power Station

15. Famous Festival of West Bengal ?

Nandikar’s National Theatre Festival, Durga pooja

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