Classical Dance Forms of India with States

In this post, we shall learn about Folk and Classical Dance of India with states or Classical Dances of India . We all know in competitive exam like IBPS, SSC, ...

List of Important Revolutions in India

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list of important revolutions in india

Today we shall learn about ‘ Important Revolution in India and its Impact on Indian Agriculture.’ or Impact of Agriculture Revolution in India. After the independence of India, to solve ...

Mehrgarh Civilization Characteristics upsc

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mehrgarh civilization

Mehrgarh Civilisation: Mehrgarh is particularly significant in the centers of the Neolithic era before the Harappan civilization. Some of the signs of Harappa civilization are seen in this civilization, many have ...

List of Famous Temples in India State Wise

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List of temples in India

In this post, we will learn about the important “ List of FAMOUS TEMPLES IN INDIA ”. As we know statistical GK is one of the most important parts of ...