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In this article, we will explore Manipur static GK facts that are useful for all competitive exams in 2024. We all know State related Static GK is an essential part of the general Knowledge section as well as any competitive government exams.

Usually in the state government Competitive exams, many questions are asked from state static gk (for example, Manipur). To understand the importance of this topic we have compiled all the static facts of the Manipur state in one place in the best way possible. Also, we have provided a Manipur Static GK pdf download link below this article, which will help you to study offline.

List of Manipur Static GK Questions and Answers

Manipur is one of the 29 states and 7 union territories of India. It is located in the northeastern region of India with a population (2011) of Increase 2,855,794. Manipur has an area of 22,327 km2 (8,621 sq mi) and shares its borders with Nagaland to the north, Mizoram to the south, Assam to the west, and Myanmar to the east. The eastern border with Myanmar provides avenues for cross-border trade and cultural exchanges. Here’s a table with some more information about Manipur Static GK :

LocationNortheastern India
BordersNagaland, Mizoram, Assam, Myanmar
Formation21 January 1972
As union territory1956
Largest CityImphal
Districts16 nos
Divisions03 nos
Present governorAnusuiya Uikey
Chief MinisterN. Biren Singh
Total Area 22,327 km2 (8,621 sq mi)
Population 2,855,794(Census 2021)
Population rank 23rd
Density130/km2 (300/sq mi)
Literacy Rate76.94%
Sex Ratio985 (F)/1000(M)
Legislative Assembly60 Seats
Lower House2 Seats
Upper House 1 Seat
High Court Manipur High Court
Official LanguageMeitei language
Official ScriptMeitei script
State Animal Sangai (Brow-antlered deer)
State Bird Nongyeen
State FlowerSiroi Lily
State TreeToon
LakeLoktak Lake
RiverImphal, Iril, Nambul
Major FestivalsYaoshang, Lai Haraoba, Ningol Chakouba
Famous Dance FormsManipuri, Lai Haraoba, Thang-Ta, Dhol Cholom
National ParkKeibul Lamjao National Park
Wildlife Sanctuary Khongjaingamba Ching Wildlife Sanctuary, Yaingangpokpi Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary

Manipur Static GK :: Miscellaneous

SL No.QuestionAnswer
1Which national park in Manipur is known for its floating islands?Keibul Lamjao National Park
2Which lake in Manipur is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India?Loktak Lake
3Which valley in Manipur is known as the “Land of Jewels”?Manipur Valley
4Which hill range in Manipur is a popular tourist destination?Shirui Hills
5Which historic fort is located in Imphal and was the seat of the Manipur Kingdom?Kangla Fort
6Which is the highest peak in Manipur?Mount Iso
7Which national highway connects Manipur to the rest of India?National Highway 2 (NH-2)
8Which festival is celebrated in Manipur as the “Festival of Lights”?Yaoshang
9Which Manipuri dance form is characterized by graceful movements and storytelling through hand gestures?Ras Leela
10Which famous boxer from Manipur has won multiple medals at the Olympics and World Championships?MC Mary Kom
11Which district in Manipur is known for its production of high-quality oranges?Tamenglong district
12Which national park in Manipur is home to the endangered Sangai deer?Keibul Lamjao National Park
13Which Manipuri dance form incorporates martial arts movements?Thang-Ta is a Manipuri dance.
14Which district in Manipur is famous for its production of black pottery?Longpi village in the Ukhrul district of Manipur
15Which historic polo ground in Manipur is believed to be the birthplace of modern polo?Mapal Kangjeibung
16Which district in Manipur is known for its picturesque landscapes and is often referred to as the “Switzerland of Manipur”?Ukhrul district
17Which famous national park in Manipur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its rich biodiversity?Keibul Lamjao National Park
18Which temple in Manipur is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is a significant pilgrimage site?Shree Govindajee Temple
19Which historic battle in Manipur’s history is commemorated as “Khongjom Day”?The Battle of Khongjom
20Which famous festival of Manipur marks the beginning of the sowing season and is known as the “Festival of Songs”?Lai Haraoba festival
21Which famous freedom fighter from Manipur was also known as the “Lion of Manipur”?Rani Gaidinliu
22Which national park in Manipur is known for its diverse birdlife and is a designated Important Bird Area (IBA)?Keibul Lamjao National Park
23Which town in Manipur is known for its bamboo-based handicrafts and is referred to as the “Bamboo Town”?Bishnupur
24Which district in Manipur is famous for its terraced cultivation, known as “Zabo”?Churachandpur district
25Which river in Manipur forms the international boundary between India and Myanmar?Manipur River (also known as Barak River)
26Which Manipuri dance form is characterized by its use of cymbals (kartal) and rhythmic footwork?Pung Cholom
27Which district in Manipur is known for its production of high-quality oranges and is referred to as the “Orange Bowl of Manipur”?Tamenglong district.
28Which famous literary figure from Manipur received the Sahitya Akademi Award for his contributions to Manipuri literature?Hijam Anganghal.
29Which ancient script of Manipur is used for writing Meitei language?Meitei Mayek.
30Which hill range in Manipur is known for its endemic Shirui Lily and is a biodiversity hotspot?Ukhrul Hills.

Important Facts of Manipur State for Competitive Exams

  • Manipur is a state located in Northeast India.
  • The capital city of Manipur is Imphal.
  • Manipuri (Meiteilon) is the official language of Manipur.
  • Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India and is famous for its floating vegetation called phumdis.
  • Keibul Lamjao National Park in Manipur is the world’s only floating national park and is home to the endangered Sangai deer.
  • Mount Iso is the highest peak in Manipur, reaching an elevation of 2,994 meters.
  • Manipur shares its borders with Nagaland, Mizoram, and Assam, as well as the neighboring country of Myanmar (Burma).
  • The Imphal River flows through Manipur, providing water to the state.
  • Manipur is known for its rich cultural heritage and is often referred to as the “Jewel of India.”
  • Manipuri dance is a famous classical dance form that is characterized by its graceful movements and intricate hand gestures.
  • Polo, often referred to as the “Game of Kings,” is believed to have originated in Manipur and is a popular sport in the state.
  • Sangai, also known as the Brow-antlered deer, is the state animal of Manipur and is found exclusively in the Keibul Lamjao National Park.
  • Manipur has a diverse range of flora and fauna, with several endemic species.
  • The INA (Indian National Army) Memorial Complex in Moirang commemorates the historic role played by Manipur in the Indian freedom struggle.
  • Manipur is known for its rich handloom and handicraft traditions, with products like silk textiles, bamboo crafts, and black pottery.

Manipur Static GK PDF

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