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The Assam state of India is a land of many rivers. The main river in Assam is the Brahmaputra River. Rivers are an essential part of the culture in this state with festivals celebrating them and people traveling to bathe in them.

List of Rivers in Assam

SL NoRiver NameLength (Approx.)OriginEndpoint
1Brahmaputra2,900 kmChemayungdung Glacier in TibetBay of Bengal
2Jia Bhoroli220 kmEastern HimalayasBrahmaputra River
3Dhansiri352 kmLaisang Peak in NagalandBrahmaputra River
4Kopili350 kmMeghalayaKopili River joins Kopili River
5Manas376 kmTibet, near the Mansarovar LakeBrahmaputra River
6Subansiri442 kmTibet, near the Mansarovar LakeBrahmaputra River
7Dibang350 kmNear Sisiri Peak in TibetBrahmaputra River
8Lohit200 kmEastern TibetBrahmaputra River
9Kameng264 kmTibet, near the Kangla PassBrahmaputra River
10Dihing290 kmPatkai HillsBrahmaputra River

The rivers of Assam are not only a source of mesmerizing beauty but are also an integral part of the lives of the people here. The mighty Brahmaputra, also known as the “Son of Brahma”, is the longest river in the region and plays an important role in agriculture, transport and irrigation. Its vast water bodies support a variety of fish species and provide livelihood opportunities to local fishermen.

Moving on, the Jia Bhoroli River, which originates from the Eastern Himalayas, flows through the tea gardens of Assam, presenting a picturesque sight that leaves visitors mesmerized. The clear and swift waters of the river make it a popular destination for white water rafting enthusiasts.

The Dhansiri River, which originates from the Lisang Peak in Nagaland, flows majestically through the valley, sustaining the diverse flora and fauna that call the region its home.

Each river in Assam has its own story, which reflects the country’s unique geography and culture. From the pristine waters of the Subansiri to the raging waves of the Dibang, each river contributes to the ecological balance of the region.

Also, these rivers hold cultural and religious significance in the lives of the people of Assam. Festivals and rituals are often centred around these water bodies, further reinforcing the deep connection between the community and its rivers.

Unfortunately, the rivers of Assam, like many of the world’s rivers, face various challenges including pollution, siltation and erosion. Conservation and protection of this precious water resource are necessary for nature and public welfare.

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