List of Mountain Peaks and Hills of Assam

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Assam is a state in northeastern India. The mountain ranges of Assam are not only stunningly beautiful but also play an important role in the ecological balance and cultural heritage of the region.

List of Major Mountain Peaks and Hills of Assam

Mountain Peak/HillHeight (meters)RangeRemarks
Nilachal Hill151Eastern HimalayasLocated in Guwahati; site of Kamakhya Temple.
Chapanala Peak1,378Eastern HimalayasPopular trekking destination in Karbi Anglong.
Gorichen Peak6,488Eastern HimalayasHighest peak in Arunachal Pradesh; close to Assam.
Haflong Hill680Eastern GhatsOffers panoramic views of the surrounding valley.
Karbi Anglong HillsEastern HimalayasA series of hills covering the Karbi Anglong region.
Karbi Langpi Hill1,025Eastern HimalayasPart of the Karbi Anglong Hills; lush greenery.
North Cachar HillsEastern HimalayasAlso known as Dima Hasao; rich in biodiversity.
Patkai RangeEastern HimalayasExtends across Assam, Arunachal, and Nagaland.
Singhason Peak1,500Singhason RangeOffers stunning views of the surrounding plains.
South Cachar HillsEastern HimalayasDiverse tribal cultures and scenic landscapes.

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Q. Highest Mountain Peak of Assam ?

Answer : The highest mountain peak of Assam is the Gorichen Peak. It stands tall at an impressive height of 6,488 meters and is part of the Eastern Himalayas range.

Q. Second Highest Peak in Assam ?

Answer : The second-highest peak in Assam is the Chapanala Peak. It reaches an elevation of 1,378 meters and is situated in the Eastern Himalayas range.

Q. Highest Peak of Barail Range ?

Answer : The highest peak of the Barail Range is Borail Peak. It stands at an elevation of approximately 2,670 meters above sea level.