Important Static GK Topics

On this page, you can find some really Important Static GK Topics for all competitive exams like SBI clerk, IBPS PO, UPSC, SSC, RBI, LIC, PSC, CGL, etc. You can also able to download the PDF of different Static GK topics.

General knowledge is an important part of the Competitive Exam. General Knowledge is usually made up of two parts, Static GK and Current Affairs. So if you want to know general knowledge completely, you have to read the static GK part in an important way.

What is Static GK ?

Static General Knowledge is static information about general knowledge that may never change in the future. Static general knowledge covers the importance of dance, day, currency, place, objects, event, historical event, political change, geographical information, etc.

Why should you learn in Static GK ?

Those of us who are taking or will give a competitive exam need to read Static General Knowledge. As we learn above, Static General Knowledge is some common knowledge that never changes. And we may all have noticed that 35% of the GK questions that come in competitive exam is of that type.

And so if we want to get good marks in general knowledge in the competitive exams, then we need to know the static General knowledge well.

We can easily pick up 80% to 90% marks in general knowledge subjects by reading Static General Knowledge.

important Static gk topics

How to Prepare Static Gk ?

Improving general knowledge depends not only on learning but also on disciplined practice and everyone must be a good listener and a good observer. This can be achieved in the following ways ..

  • Try to Give One Hour Daily for the Static General Knowledge Section.
  • Focus on Important Static General Knowledge.
  • Read Daily Newspapers.
  • Participating in Various Online Quizzes.
  • Regular Practice

List of Important Static GK


What is a static GK?

Static General Knowledge is statical information about general knowledge that may never change in the future.

Which site is best for static GK?

There are a lot of Websites to learn Static General Knowledge, the best is

What are the top 10 GK questions?

Q.1. Who is the Father of Biology?
Q.2. Who Invented Paper?
Q.3. Who invented Steam Engine?
Q.4. Name the first 3 planets in our solar system?
Q.5. The smallest state of India is?
Q.6. National Tree of India is?
Q.7. Which animal is called the ship of the desert?
Q.8. The longest river in the world is?
Q.9. Olympics games are held after every?
Q.10. The largest desert in the world is?

Who is our father of GK?

General Knowledge is a huge ocean. Who is the creator of the ocean? As no one can say, no one knows who is the father of GK.

What is the difference between GK and static GK?

General Knowledge is made up of two-part, Static GK Which never changes in the future and GK means Common general Knowledge which may be changing in the future.

Can I download the pdf version of static gk?

You can easily Download Static General Knowledge from our PDF GK Download page with a single click.

Why is it Important to learn Static GK?

If you want to score well in a competitive exam you must read static General Knowledge. You noticed that most of the General Knowledge in competitive exam come from static General Knowledge.