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Here in this article, we will explore Gujarat Static GK [PDF] facts that are useful for all competitive exams in 2024–2025. We all know that related static GK is an essential part of the general knowledge section and any competitive government exams.

Usually in the state government Competitive exams, many questions are asked from state static gk (for example, Gujarat). To understand the importance of this topic we have compiled all the static facts of the Gujarat state in one place in the best way possible. Also, we have provided a Gujarat Static GK pdf download link below this article, which will help you to study offline.

List of Gujarat Static GK Questions and Answers

Gujarat is one of the 28 states and 7 union territories of India. It is located in the western part of India with a population (2011) of Increase 60,383,628. Gujarat has an area of 196,024 km2 (75,685 sq mi) and shares its borders with Rajasthan to the north, Madhya Pradesh to the east, Maharashtra to the south, and the Arabian Sea to the west. It also has an international border with Pakistan along the Arabian Sea coastline to the northwest. Here’s a table with some more information about Gujarat Static GK :

Capital (राजधानी )Gandhinagar
Formation (निर्माण)1 May 1960
Largest city (सबसे बड़ा शहर)Ahmedabad
Largest metro (सबसे बड़ा मेट्रो)Ahmedabad
Total Area (कुल क्षेत्रफल)196,024 km2 (75,685 sq mi)
Area Rank (क्षेत्र रैंक)6th
Population (जनसंख्या)60,383,628
Population rank (जनसंख्या रैंक)9th
Density (घनत्व)308/km2 (800/sq mi)
Literacy Rate (साक्षरता दर )(%)78.03%
Sex Ratio919(F)/1000(M)
Legislative Assembly (विधान सभा)182 Seats
Lower House (लोक सभा)26 Seats
Upper House (राजसभा)11 Seats
Number of Districts (जिलों)33
High CourtGujarat High Court
Language (भाषा)Gujrati, Hindi
TempleSomnath Temple at Saurashtra, Dwarakadhish Temple at Dwarka
Lake (झील)Hamirsar Lake, Kankaria Lake, Lakhota Lake, Sursagar Lake, Thol Lake, Vastrapur Lake
River (नदी)Sabarmati, Narmada, Tapti, Betwa, Mahi,,Karjan river
Dam (बांध)SardarSarovar Dam(Narmada river), Ukai Dam(Tapti River), Kadana Dam( Mahi River), Karjan Reservoir (Karjan river)
Stadium (स्टेडियम)Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Reliance Stadium or Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd Sports Complex Ground,MadhavraoScindia Cricket Ground,MotiBagh Stadium
Festival (त्यौहार)Saptak, Kite
Folk Dance (लोक नृत्य)Garba, DandiyaRaas, Tippani Dance, Padhar dance
Port (बंदरगाह)Kandla Port Trust or Deendayal Port
National Park (राष्ट्रीय उद्यान)Blackbuck (Velavadar) National Park, Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, Marine National Park, Vansda National Park
Thermal Power Plant (ताप विद्युत संयंत्र)Mundra Thermal Power Station or Mundra Thermal Power Project, Sikka Thermal Power Station, Wanakbori Thermal Power Station, Ukai Thermal Power Station, Gandhinagar Thermal Power Station
Nuclear Power Plant (परमाणु ऊर्जा संयंत्र)Kakrapar Atomic Power Station, NPP at Mithivirdi
Solar Power Plant (सौर ऊर्जा संयंत्र)Charanka Solar Park, Bitta Solar Power Plant
Wildlife Sanctuary (वन्यजीव अभ्यारण्य)BalaramAmbaji Wildlife Sanctuary, Barda Wildlife Sanctuary, Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary, Gir Forest National Park, Jambughoda is a Wildlife Sanctuary, Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Kutch Bustard Sanctuar, Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, Marine National Park, Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary, NalSarovar Bird Sanctuary, Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary, Pania Wildlife Sanctuary, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary, Thol bird sanctuary, Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
State Song (राज्य गीत)Jai Jai Garavi Gujarat (“Victory to Proud Gujarat”)
State Bird (राज्य पक्षी)Greater flamingo
State Flower (राज्य पुष्प)Marigold
State Mammal (राज्य स्तनपायी)Asiatic lion
State Tree (राज्य वृक्ष)Banyan

Gujarat State Static GK :: Miscellaneous

Sl. NoQuestionAnswer
1What is the capital of Gujarat?Gandhinagar
2Who is known as the Iron Man of India from Gujarat?Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
3Which river flows through Gujarat?Sabarmati River
4Which is the largest city in Gujarat?Ahmedabad
5What is the official language of Gujarat?Gujarati
6Which is the highest peak in Gujarat?Girnar
7What is the state animal of Gujarat?Asiatic Lion
8Which is the longest river in Gujarat?Narmada River
9What is the famous traditional dance of Gujarat?Garba
10What is the main seaport of Gujarat?Kandla Port
11Who was the first Chief Minister of Gujarat after it became a separate state in 1960?Jivraj Narayan Mehta
12What is the traditional Gujarati snack made from chickpea flour and spices?Dhokla
13Which iconic stepwell is located in Patan, Gujarat?Rani Ki Vav
14What is the major festival celebrated in Gujarat during the nine nights of Navratri?Navratri
15Which renowned textile city is often called the “Manchester of the East”?Surat
16Which national park in Gujarat is a Ramsar Wetland Site?Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary
17What is the nickname of Ahmedabad?Manchester of India
18Who was the spiritual leader and social reformer from Gujarat known for the Dandi March during the Indian independence movement?Mahatma Gandhi
19In which year did Gujarat become a separate state from the Bombay Presidency?1960
20Which city in Gujarat is famous for its diamond cutting and polishing industry?Surat
21Which historical city in Gujarat is known for its ancient stepwells and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?Ahmedabad
22What is the name of the famous arid region in Gujarat known for its unique ecosystem and wildlife?Rann of Kutch
23Which river originates from the Amarkantak hills and flows through Gujarat before merging with the Arabian Sea?Tapi River
24Which famous salt march led by Mahatma Gandhi took place in Gujarat, challenging the British salt tax?Dandi March
25Which temple in Gujarat is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is considered one of the holiest shrines for devotees of Krishna?Dwarkadhish Temple
26Who is the current Chief Minister of Gujarat as of your knowledge cutoff date in September 2021?Vijay Rupani (Note: Please verify for the most current information.)
27What is the popular traditional attire worn by women in Gujarat, characterized by vibrant colors and mirror work?Chaniya Choli
28Which historical site in Gujarat is famous for its ancient Buddhist caves, rock-cut architecture, and intricate sculptures?Junagadh Buddhist Caves
29Which port in Gujarat is often referred to as the “Gateway to India” and is one of the major ports on the west coast?Mumbai (Please note that Mumbai is not in Gujarat, but it is often associated with being a major port in the region.)
30What is the name of the annual kite festival celebrated with enthusiasm in Gujarat, especially in Ahmedabad?Uttarayan Kite Festival
31What is the name of the famous Gir Forest Reserve located in Gujarat, known for its Asiatic lion population?Gir National Park
32Which prominent industrialist from Gujarat founded the Reliance Industries conglomerate?Dhirubhai Ambani
33What is the term used for the traditional Gujarati snack made from deep-fried dough, often served with chutney?Fafda
34Which city in Gujarat is famous for its diamond market, considered one of the largest diamond cutting and polishing centers in the world?Surat
35Which ancient Indus Valley Civilization site is located in Gujarat and known for its well-planned urban structure?Lothal
36What is the name of the traditional Gujarati snack made from gram flour and spices, typically served with tea?Thepla
37Which iconic structure in Ahmedabad is designed by the renowned architect Le Corbusier and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?Mill Owners’ Association Building
38Which region in Gujarat is famous for its production of traditional Bandhani or tie-dye textiles?Kutch
39Which legendary Gujarati poet and philosopher is known for his literary works like “Sakshi Gita” and “Anand no Garbo”?Narsinh Mehta
40Which temple in Gujarat is dedicated to the Goddess Ambaji and is a significant pilgrimage site for devotees?Ambaji Temple
41What is the name of the annual dance festival celebrated in Gujarat where dancers perform with lit lamps on their heads?Tarnetar Fair
42Which famous Indian freedom fighter and social reformer from Gujarat is known as the “Iron Woman of India”?Indira Gandhi
43Which national highway is often referred to as the “Golden Quadrilateral” and passes through Gujarat, connecting major cities?National Highway 8 (NH8)
44What is the traditional Gujarati sweet snack made from gram flour and jaggery, often prepared during festivals?Gud Papdi
45Which historic fort in Gujarat is known for its impressive architecture, including the Kirti Toran (victory arches) and stepwells?Bhadra Fort
46What is the famous dish from Gujarat made from steamed gram flour dumplings served with a spicy curry known as “sev”?Dhokli
47Which wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat is a significant breeding ground for various bird species and is often visited by birdwatchers?Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary
48In which city of Gujarat did Mahatma Gandhi establish his famous ashram known as Sabarmati Ashram?Ahmedabad
49Which traditional Gujarati snack is made from fermented rice and urad dal batter and is often served with chutney and sambar?Idada
50What is the name of the famous kite market in Ahmedabad, which is bustling with activity during the Uttarayan Kite Festival?Patang Bazaar

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