List of Father’s of Various Fields GK Notes for Competitive Exams

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This article will discuss a List of important Father’s of Various Fields for Competitive Exams. Candidates preparing for the upcoming government jobs examination must read the list of father’s of different fields as this subject is an important part of the general Knowledge (GK) syllabus.

So job aspirants should read the list of fathers of various fields topic well, and write it down in their notebooks. Also, Candidates can download the list of fathers of various fields in PDF format.

Father’s of different fieldsDownload

List of Father’s of Various Fields

The following table presents a List of Father’s of Different Fields. Candidates can download the list of father’s of various fields in PDF Format.

Father of Various FieldsNames
Father of Comic BooksStan Lee (Father of Marvel Comics)

Anant Pai (Father of Indian Comics)

Father of AnatomyAndreas Vesalius
Father of Modern ChemistryAntoine Lavoisier
Father of Microbiology/MicroscopyAntonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek
Father of Missile ProgramA. P. J. Abdul Kalam (Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam)
Father of EconomicsAdam Smith
Father of Modern ComputerAlan Turing
Father of RelativityAlbert Einstein
Father of DNA FingerprintingAlec John Jeffreys

Lalji Singh (India)

Father of TelephoneAlexander Graham Bell
Father of ComedyAristophanes
Father of Biology/ Zoology/ Embryology/ Political ScienceAristotle
Father of SociologyAuguste Comte
Father of ElectricityBenjamin Franklin
Father of PaleobotanyAdolphe-Theodore Brongniart

Birbal Sahni (India)

Father of Modern BiochemistryCarl Alexander Neuberg
Father of Classification/ Father of TaxonomyCarl Linnaeus
Father of ComputerCharles Babbage
Father of EvolutionCharles Darwin
Father of PhysiologyClaude Bernard
Father of CinemaDadasaheb Phalke (Dhundiraj Govind Phalke) (India)
Father of Modern CinemaDavid Wark Griffith
Father of AyurvedaDhanwantari
Father of Periodic TableDmitri Mendeleev
Father of the Indian ConstitutionDr. B. R. Ambedkar (Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar)
Father of Vaccination/ Father of immunologyEdward Jenner
Father of BiodiversityEdward O Wilson
Father of Hydrogen BombEdward Teller
Father of GeographyEratosthenes
Father of Nuclear PhysicsErnest Rutherford
Father of GeometryEuclid
Father of Modern FinanceEugene F. Fama
Father of Modern EcologyEugene P. Odum
Father of HumanismFrancesco Petrarca
Father of EugenicsFrancis Galton
Father of Scientific ManagementFrederick Winslow Taylor
Father of Gene TherapyFrench Anderson
Father of Modern PhysicsGalileo Galilei
Father of English PoetryGeoffrey Chaucer
Father of Computer ScienceGeorge Boole and Alan Turing
Father of AviationGeorge Cayley
Father of RailwaysGeorge Stephenson
Father of GeneticsGregor Mendel
Father of HomeopathyHeinemann
Father of HistoryHerodotus
Father of Western Medicine/Modern MedicineHippocrates
Father of Blue RevolutionHiralal Chaudhari
Father of Nuclear (Indian Nuclear science)/Atomic ProgramHomi J.Bhabha
Father of Mutation theoryHugo De Vries
Father of ArchitectureImhotep
Father of Classical mechanicsIsaac Newton
Father of Radio Science in IndiaJ C Bose
Father of Civil AviationJ. R. D. Tata (Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata)
Father of Atom BombJ. Robert Oppenheimer
Father of Modern GeologyJames Hutton
Father of the American ConstitutionJames Madison
Father of GeographyJames Rennell
Father of Modern EducationJohn Amos Comenius
Father of Modern DemocracyJohn Locke
Father of Artificial IntelligenceJohn Mccarthy
Father of RoboticsJoseph F. Engelberger
Father of BiotechnologyKarl Ereky
Father of Blood GroupsKarl Landsteiner
Father of BacteriologyLouis Pasteur
Father of Indian Phycology/ Father of Algology in IndiaM. O. P. Iyengar (Mandayam Osuri Parthasarathy Iyengar)
Father of Green RevolutionM. S. Swaminathan (Mankombu Sambasivan Swaminathan) (India)

Normal Borlaug

Father of Modern EconomicsPaul Samuelson

M.G.Ranade (Mahadev Govind Ranade) (Father of Indian Economics)

Father of the Nation (India)Mahatma Gandhi
Father of Modern Economic Reforms (India)Manmohan Singh
Father of Nuclear ScienceMarie Curie and Pierre Curie
Father of Mobile PhoneMartin Cooper
Father of Quantum mechanicsMax Planck
Father of ElectronicsMichael Faraday
Father of Peasant MovementN. G. Ranga (Gogineni Ranga Nayukulu)
Father of Modern Political scienceNiccolo Machiavelli
Father of Modern AstronomyNicolaus Copernicus
Father of the Green Revolution/Father of AgricultureNorman Ernest Borlaug
Father of Linguistic DemocracyPotti Sreeramulu
Father of NumbersPythagoras
Father of Modern IndiaRaja Ram Mohan Roy
Father of Indian EcologyRamdeo Mishra
Father of EmailRay Tomlinson
Father of PhilosophyRene Descartes
Father of NanotechnologyRichard Smalley
Father of CytologyRobert Hooke
Father of ThermodynamicsSadi Carnot
Father of India’s Communication RevolutionSam Pitroda
Father of New FranceSamuel de Champlain
Father of Veterinary ScienceShalihotra (India)
Father of PsychoanalysisSigmund Freud
Father of Plastic SurgerySir Harold Gillies
Father of Civil EngineeringJohn Smeaton

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (India)

Father of Air ForceSubroto Mukerjee (IAF)
Father of SurgerySushruta
Father of BotanyTheophrastus
Father of EndocrinologyThomas Addison
Father of White RevolutionVerghese Kurien
Father of Space ProgramVikram Sarabhai
Father of Pentium ChipVinod Dham
Father of InternetVint Cerf
Father of American FootballWalter Chauncey Camp
Father of PsychologyWilhelm Wundt
Father of Blood CirculationWilliam Harvey
Father of Nuclear ChemistryOtto Hahn
Father of Sanstrik GrammarPanini
Father of Genetic EngineeringPaul Berg
Father of AgronomyPeter – De- Cresenji
Father of Modern ManagementPeter Georg Ferdinand Drucker
Father of TelevisionPhilo Farnsworth
Father of Modern OlympicPierre De Coubertin
Father of Modern DentistryPierre Fauchard
Father’s of various fieldsDownload

FAQ : Father’s of various fields

It is essential to know the range of questions given in competitive exam papers to understand the relevance of the subject. Hence, to help candidates, below are some sample questions on Father’s of different fields replicating the kind of encounters they may face in the examination.

Q.1. Who among the following is the Father of Bacteriology?

Ans. Louis Pasteur

Q.2. Gregor Mendel is known as the father of

Ans. Father of Modern Genetics

Q.3. who is the father of Agronomy?

Ans. Pietro de Crescenzi

Q.4. Who is known as father of India?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Q.5. Who is Known as father of Indian Airforce?

Ans. Mr. Subroto Mukhrjee

Q.6. Who is Known as Father of Indian Army?

Ans. Major Stringer Lawrence

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