Father of Different Branches of Biology

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In this post, we will discuss the Father of Different Branches of Biology. Every year one or two questions come from this topic, so we should keep this in mind for all our students. Below is a list of Father of Different Branches of Biology.

Father of Different Branches of Biology

SL No.Branch of BiologyFather of Biology
1Father of BiologyAristotle
2Father of BacteriologyRobert Koch
3Father of AyurvedaCharaka
4Father of ATP cycleLipmann
5Father of AntibioticsAlexander Fleming
6Father of Antiseptic surgeryJ. Lister
7Father of Modern AnatomyAndreas Vesalius
8Father of AnatomyHerophilus
9Father of Blood circulationWilliam Harvey
10Father of BotanyTheophrastus
11Father of Modern BotanyK. Bauhin
12Father of BryologyJohann Hedwig
13Father of ChemotherapyPaul Erlich
14Father of Comparative anatomyGeorge Leopold Cuvier
15Father of Comparative zoologyCuvier
16Father of Blood groupsLand Steiner
17Father of Concept of EvolutionEmpedocles
18Father of Conditioned reflexI.P Pavlov
19Father of CytologyRobert Hooke
20Father of Modern Cytology,Carl P. Swanson
21Father of Experimental physiologyGalen
22Father of Experimental GeneticsT.H. Morgan
23Father of EugenicsFrancis Galton
24Father of EthologyKonrad Lorentz
25Father of EpidemiologyJohn Snow
26Father of EndocrinologyThomas Addison
27Father of modern EmbryologyKarl Ernst Von Baer
28Father of EmbryologyKaspar Friedrich Wolff
29Father of ECGEinthoven
30Father of DNA FingerprintingAlec Jeffry
31Father of FermentationLouis Pasteur
32Father of Genetic engineeringPaul Berg
33Father of GeneticsG.J. Mendel
34Father of Modern GeneticsW. Bateson
35Father of GerontologyKorenchevsk
36Father of Haploid GeneticsDodge
37Father of HistologyFrancis Bichat
38Father of HistologyMalpighi
39Father of HomoeopathySamuel Hahnemann
40Father of Human genetics / Biochemical geneticsArachibald Garrod
41Father of MedicineHippocrates
42Father of Indian systematic botany (Taxonomy)H. Santapau
43Father of Indian PalynologyP.K.K Nair
44Father of Indian PalaeoboatnyBirbal Sahni
45Father of Indian mycology and plant PathologyE.J. Butler
46Father of Indian embryologyP. Maheshwari
47Father of Indian EcologyR. Misra
48Father of Indian BryologyS.R Kashyap
49Father of Indian Algology (Phycology)M.O.P. Iyengar
50Father of ImmunologyEdward Jenner
51Father of Modern MicrobiologyLouis Pasteur
52Father of MicroscopyMarcello Malpighi
53Father of Microscopy and MicrobiologyAnton van Leeuwenhoek
54Father of Mosaic theoryWilhelm Roux
55Father of Mutation theory of evolutionHugo de Vries
56Father of MycologyP.A Micheli
57Father of PalaeontologyLeonardo da Vinci
58Father of Modern PalaeontologyCuvier
59Father of PalynologyErdtman
60Father of Modern PathologyRudolph Virchow
61Father of Plant anatomyN. Grew
62Father of Plant EcologyWarming
63Father of Plant pathologyDe Bary
64Father of Plant physiologyStephan Hales
67Father of Polio vaccineJonas Salk
68Father of Quantitative or Polygenic InheritanceKolreuter
69Father of Regulative theory of embryonic developmentHans Driesch
70Father of ZoologyAristotle
71Father of Modern TaxonomyCarolus Linnaeus
72Father of TaxonomyCarolus Linnaeus
73Father of Stress physiologyHans Selye
74Father of Special creation theoryFather Sqrez

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