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West Bengal happens to be a riverine state which has many beautiful and proud natural heritage.

West Bengal is not only well-known for the Indian Jute Industry but also for its River dams and Barrages. A dam and Barrages are artificial obstructions constructed across a watercourse to control or stop the flow of water downstream on other sides. The most commonly known Dams and Barrages are usually found in rivers and lakes, where they provide a source of irrigation and hydroelectricity.

Some famous Dam and Barrages in West Bengal are Marathon Dam, Mayurakshi Dam, and Messenger Dam, Durgapur Barrage, Farakka Barrage.

List of Dams and Barrages in West Bengal

SL No.Dams / Barrages NameRiver NameNearest CityLocation
1Canada/Massanjore Dam (Hydro Power)Mayurakshi SiuriJharkhand and Birbhum
2Tilpara BarrageMayurakshi SiuriNear Suri (Birbhum)
3Kangsaboti DamKansgsabotiPuruliaPaschim Midnapore
4Maithan DamBarakar/DamodarDhanbadJharkhand and Bardhaman
5Durgapur BarrageDamodarDurgapurBardhaman
6Panched DamDamodarPuruliaPurulia and Jharkhand
7Teesta DamTeestaJalpaiguriJalpaiguri and Darjeeling
8Farakka BarrageGanga and BhagirathiMurshidabadMurshidabad and Malda
9MukutmanipurKangsabati and KumariBankuraBankura
10Murguma DamKangsabatiPuruliaPurulia
11Bindu DamGorubathan CD blockJalpaiguri
12Tarafeni River DamKangsabati and SubarnarekhaJhargramJhargram
13Gangdua DamShali RiverGangajalghatiBankura
14Randiha BarrageRandihaDurgapurBurdwan
15Bakreshwar DamSiuriBirbhum
16Bandhu DamBandhuPuruliyaPuruliya
17Bara Mandira DamBaramandiraAsansolBaramandira
18Barabhum DamNagasai, BarabhumPuruliyaPuruliya
19Beko DamPuruliyaPuruliya
20Dangrajhore DamPuruliyaPuruliya
21Dimu DamPuruliyaPuruliya
22Golamarajore DamGolamarajorePuruliyaPuruliya
23Hanumata DamHanumataPuruliyaPuruliya
24Hinglow Irrigation Scheme DamSiuriBirbhum
25Sali DamSaliBankuraBankura
26Taragonia Irri. Scheme DamPuruliyaPuruliya
27Tatko DamTatkoPuruliyaPuruliya
28P.P.S.P Lower DamKistobazar nallaPuruliyaPuruliya

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FAQ Question of Dams and Barrages in West Bengal

Q. How many dams in West Bengal ?

ANS: There are 33 Dam in West Bengal .

Q. Highest Dam in West Bengal ?

ANS: P.P.S.P Lower Dam ( Max Height above Foundation 95 Miter. )

Q. Oldest dam in West Bengal ?

Kangsaboti Dam

Ans: Kangsabati Dam is the oldest dam in West Bengal.

Q. In which district of West Bengal Khandari dam is located ?

Ans: Jhargram District, of West Bengal .

Q. Where is Damodar dam located ?

Ans : On Damodar River in Jharkhand, West Bengal.

Q. West Bengal longest dam ?

Kangsabati Kumari Dam on Ganga River in Bankura District which was completed in 1965.

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