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In this article, we will explore Assam static GK facts that are useful for all competitive exams in 2024-2025. We all know State-related Static GK is an important part of the general Knowledge section as well as any competitive government exams.

Usually in the state government Competitive exams, many questions are asked from state static GK (for example, Assam). To understand the importance of this topic we have compiled all the static facts of the Assam state in one place in the best way possible. Also, we have provided a PDF download link below this article, which will help you to study offline.

List of Assam Static GK Questions and Answers

Assam is one of the 28 states and 7 union territories of India. It is located in the northeastern region of India with a population (2011) of Increase 31,169,272. Assam has an area of 78,438 sq km (30,285 sq mi) and shares its borders with Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, West Bengal, and Bangladesh.

Capital (ৰাজধানী )Dispur
Formation (গঠন)26 January 1950
Largest City (আটাইতকৈ ডাঙৰ চহৰ)Guwahati
Districts (জিলাসমূহ)31 nos
Divisions (বিভাজন)05 nos
Present governor (বৰ্তমানৰ গৱৰ্ণৰ)Shri Gulab Chand Kataria
Total Area (মুঠ এলেকা)78,438 km2 (30,285 sq mi)
Rank (ৰেংক)16th
Population (জনসংখ্যাৰ)Increase, 31,169,272 (Census 2021)
Population rank (জনসংখ্যাৰ ৰেংক)15th
Density (ঘনত্ব)397/km2 (1,030/sq mi)
Literacy Rate (সাক্ষৰতাৰ হাৰ)72.19%
Sex Ratio (লিংগ অনুপাত)958 (F)/1000(M)
Legislative Assembly (বিধানসভা)126 Seats
Lower House (নিম্ন সদন)14 Seats
Upper House (উচ্চ সদন)7 Seats
High Court (উচ্চ ন্যায়ালয়)Gauhati High Court
Official Language (ভাষা)Assamese
Other Languages (অন্যান্য ভাষা)Bengali, Bodo
State Animal (ৰাজ্যিক প্ৰাণী)One-horned Rhino
State Bird (ৰাজ্যিক চৰাই)White-winged Duck
State Flower (ৰাজ্যিক ফুল)Foxtail Orchid
State Tree (ৰাজ্যিক গছ)Hollong
Temple (মন্দিৰ)Kamakhya Temple at Guwahati
Lake (হ্ৰদ)Chandubi Lake, Chapanala Lake, Haflong Lake, Son Beel Lake
River (নদী)Subansiri, Lohit/ Tellu R, Dihang/Siang, Kopili, Dhaleswari, Barak, Dhaleswari, Kameng, Brahmaputra, Kameng
Folk Dance (লোকনৃত্য)Bihu dance, Bagurumba, Bhortal Dance, Jhumur dance
National Park (ৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় উদ্যান)Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park or Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, Nameri National Park, The Orang National Park
Wildlife Sanctuary (বন্যপ্ৰাণী অভয়াৰণ্য)Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, Borail Wildlife Sanctuary, Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Bherjan-Borajan-Padumoni,  Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary, Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary, The Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary, Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary, Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary, The Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary, Nambor – Doigrung Wildlife Sanctuary, Pobitora or Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary, Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary

Assam State Static GK :: Miscellaneous

SL No.QuestionAnswer
1Largest City in AssamGuwahati
2Current Governor of AssamGulab Chand Kataria
3Current Chief Minister of AssamHimanta Biswa Sarma
4River flows through the city of GuwahatiBrahmaputra
5National Park in Assam is famous for its One-horned rhinocerosKaziranga National Park
6Festival is celebrated in Assam to mark the beginning of the Assamese New YearBihu
7Largest river island in the world and is located in AssamMajuli
8City in Assam is famous for its tea plantationsJorhat
9Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is locatedChirang district of Assam
10The battle fought in Assam in 1671 marked the end of the Mughal rule in AssamBattle of Saraighat
11National highway runs through Assam connecting Silchar in the south to Saurashtra in GujaratNational Highway 27
12Largest tea producing district in AssamLargest tea-producing district in Assam
13Tribe in Assam celebrates the Wangala festivalGaro tribe in Assam celebrates the Wangala festival
14River in Assam is known as the ‘bloodline of Assam’Brahmaputra river
15Wildlife sanctuary in Assam is known for its golden langur populationChakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary
16The highest peak in AssamThe Barail is the highest hill range in Assam.
17The former Indian president was born in AssamFakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the fifth President of India, was born in Assam
18River in Assam is known for its unique pink waterSiang river
19National park in Assam is home to the highest density of tigers in the worldManas National Park
20District in Assam is famous for its ‘Bell Metal’ craftHajo district
21The River in Assam is known as the ‘River of Poets’Luit river
22Festival in Assam is celebrated as the ‘Festival of Lights’ and marks the beginning of the harvest seasonKati Bihu festival
23District in Assam is famous for its ‘Eri Silk’Sualkuchi district
24River in Assam forms the border with BangladeshBrahmaputra river
25District in Assam is famous for its ‘Terracotta’ potteryGoalpara district
26First English tea garden in assamChabua
27State Song of Assam ” O Mur Apunar Dekh” is attuned byKamala Prasad Agarwala
28Assam State Zoo and botanical garden Was established in1957
29The Assam medical college was formerly known asBerry Which Medical School
30First Assamese to climb Mount EverestTarun Saikia
31IIT Guwahati was established in the year1994
32In Assamese Calender which month have 32 daysAahar
33First Assamese to get the Arjuna awardBhogeswar Baruah
34The state was separated from Assam in 1963Nagaland
35First Assamese translator of the RamayanaMadhab Kandali
36Biggest argo based industry in AssamTea Industry
37The city of Assam has the largest dry fish market in AsiaJagirod
38First Chief Minister of AssamGopinath Bordoloi
39Total Number of National parks in Assam05 Nos.
40Assam police day observed on1st October
41Assam share border with how many countries07 Nos.
42The founder editor of the Assamese magazine “Prantik”Bhabendranath Saikia
43First Assamese woman to win the international Gold medal in sportsAnkushita Boro
45First Chief Justices of Guwahati High CourtSir R. F. Lodge

Important Facts of Assam Static GK for Competitive Exams

  • The first oil refinery in India was set up in Assam in 1901.
  • The world’s largest river island, Majuli, is located in Assam.
  • The Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati is one of the Shakti Peeths and is considered a holy site for Hindus.
  • The Assam tea is known for its unique flavor and is exported to several countries.
  • The Kaziranga National Park is home to the largest population of one-horned rhinoceros in the world.
  • The Brahmaputra River is one of the largest rivers in the world and is the lifeline of Assam.
  • The Assam State Zoo is the largest zoo in the northeastern region of India.
  • The Bhupen Hazarika Setu, also known as the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge, is the longest bridge in India and connects Assam with Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The Manas National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is known for its biodiversity.
  • The Assam Accord was signed in 1985 to resolve the issues related to illegal immigration from Bangladesh.

Assam Static GK PDF

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