About Us

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This website is dedicated to all aspirants, who desire to appear in various competitive exams, and also for this who wish to enrich and test their general awareness.

The portal is easy to browse and is mainly written English. The motto of GK+ is to become a reliable online platform for all aspirants.

The website is updated regularly. We encourage our visitors to regularly visit the website.

Who are Behind General Knowledge Plus ?

Rajat Das played a key role in the General Knowledge Plus and many others back then. Also, Bijoy Ranjan Dutta who is turning General Knowledge Plus into a definite structure.

Why We Found General Knowledge Plus ?

In the beginning, GK+ was a Facebook page. Where various types of Questions and Answers, General GK Posted by Admin. Then the number of GK+ members gradually increased, subsequently it was decided that through an online portal, GK+ information would be stored online.

We hope you love General Knowledge Plus. If you have any questions or Suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For feedback, visit our “contact us” page.