11th zoology book back one mark questions with answers by Mr. P. Nanthish Kumar EM

In this post, we will provide the 11th zoology book back one mark questions with answers by Mr P. Nantish Kumar. For the convenience of the students, we have divided the answers to multiple-choice questions into several lessons. We also include a sample free PDF download link of the Higher secondary first-year BIO-ZOOLOGY book back one marks questions with answers after this post, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of this topic.

11th zoology book back one mark questions with answers

Lesson 1

Q.1. A living organism is differentiated from non-living structure based on ?

a. Reproduction

b. Growth

c. Metabolism

d. Movement

Answer : d. Movement

Q.2. A group of organisms having similar traits of a rank is ?

a. Species

b. Taxon

c. Genus

d. Family

Answer : b. Taxon

Q.3. Every unit of classification regardless of its rank is ?

a. Taxon

b. Variety

c. Species

d. Strain

Answer : a. Taxon

Q.4. Which of the following is not present in same rank?

a. Primata

b. Orthoptera

c. Diptera

d. Insecta

Answer : a. Primata

Q.5. who coined the term biodiversity ?

a. Walter Rosen
b. AG Tansley
c. Aristotle
d. AP de Candole

Answer: a. Walter Rosen

Lesson 2

Q.6. The symmetry exhibited in cnidarians is ?

a. Radial

b. Bilateral

c. Pentamerous radial

d. Asymmetrical

Answer : a. Radial

Q.7. Sea anemone belongs to phylum ?

a. Protozoa

b. Porifera

c. Coelenterata

d. Echinodermata

Answer : c. Coelenterata

Q.8. The excretory cells that are found inplatyhelminthes are ?

a. Protonephridia

b. Flame cells

c. Solenocytes

d. All of these

Answer : b. Flame cells

Q.9. In which of the following organisms, self fertilization is seen ?

a. Fish

b. Round worm

c. Earthworm

d. Liver fluke

Answer : c. Earthworm

Q.10. Nephridia of Earthworms are performing the same functions as ?

a. Gills of prawn

b. Flame cells of Planaria
c. Trachea of insects

d. Nematoblasts of Hydra

Answer : b. Flame cells of Planaria

Lesson 3

Q.11. The main function of the cuboidal epithelium is ?

a. Protection

b. Secretion

c. Absorption

d. Both (b) and (c)

Answer : d. Both (b) and (c)

Q.12. The ciliated epithelium lines the

a. Skin

b. Digestive tract

c. Gall bladder

d. Trachea

Answer : d. Trachea

Q.13. What type of fibres are found in connective tissue matrix?

a. Collagen

b. Areolar

c. Cartilage

d. Tubular

Answer : a. Collagen

Q.14. Prevention of substances from leaking across the tissue is provided by

a. Tight junction

b. Adhering junction

c. Gap junction

d. Elastic junction

Answer : a. Tight junction

Q.15. Non-shivering thermogenesis in neonates produces heat through

a. White fat

b. Brown fat

c. Yellow fat

d. Colourless fat

Answer : b. Brown fat

Lesson 4

Q.16. The clitellum is a distinct part in thebody of earthworm Lampito mauritii,it is found in?

a. Segments 13 – 14

b. Segments 14 – 17

c. Segments 12 – 13

d. Segments 14 – 16

Answer : b. Segments 14 – 17

Q.17. Sexually, earthworms are

a. Sexes are separate

b. Hermaphroditic but not self -fertilizing
c. Hermaphroditic and self – fertilizing

d. Parthenogenic

Answer : b. Hermaphroditic but not self -fertilizing

Q.18. The type of vision in Cockroach is

a. Three dimensional

b. Two dimensional

c. Mosaic

d. Cockroach do not have vision

Answer : c. Mosaic

Q.19. How many abdominal segments are present in male and female Cockroaches?

a. 10, 10

b. 9, 10

c. 8, 10

d. 9, 9

Answer : a. 10, 10

Q.20. Which of the following does not have an open circulatory system?

a. Frog

b. Earthworm

c. Pigeon

d. Cockroach

Answer : d. Cockroach

Lesson 5

Q.21. Choose the incorrect sentence from the following:

a. Bile juice emulsifies the fat.

b. Chyme is a digestive acidic food in stomach.
c. Pancreatic juice converts lipid into fatty acid and glycerol.
d. Enterokinase stimulates the secretio

Answer : d. Enterokinase stimulates the secretio

Q.22. What is chyme….?

a. The process of conversion of fat into small droplets.
b. The process of conversion of micelles substances of glycerol into fatty droplet.
c. The process of preparation of incompletely digested acidic food through gastric juice.

d. The process of preparation of completely digested liquid food in midgut.

Answer: c. The process of preparation of incompletely digested acidic food through gastric juice.

Q.23. Which of the following hormones stimulate the production of pancreaticjuice and bicarbonate?

a. Angiotensin and epinephrine

b. Gastrin and insulin
c. Cholecysokinin and secretin

d. Insulin and glucagon

Answer : c. Cholecysokinin and secretin

Q.24. The sphincter of Oddi guards

a. Hepatopancreatic duct

b. Common bile duct

c. Pancreatic duct

d. Cystic duct

Answer : a. Hepatopancreatic duct

Q.25. In small intestine, active absorption occurs in case of

a. Glucose

b. Amino acids

c. Na+

d. All the above

Answer : c. Na+

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